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Other Accessories

Cycle Counters

Like the odometer on your car, ARO's cycle counter lets you know how many pump cycles have elapsed so you can be prepared to perform preventive maintenance

Other Accessories

Cycle Sensors

Provides a closed contact output for monitoring pump operation. Can be used to monitor cycle rates, preventative maintenance and rough flow rate indication (power supply and other devices required to gather, store or manipulate data).

Other Accessories

Flange Kits

Connection kit for pumps with inlet / outlet flange manifolds

Other Accessories

Material Agitators

Agitators available for both 5 GAL (20 L) and 55 GAL (200 L) containers. Air operated agitator motors generate between 500-1000 RPM 5 GAL (20 L), and 500-3000 RPM (for 55 GAL, 200 L). Agitator shaft and propellers are constructed of corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel.

£179.00 Spray Booth Kit

Other Accessories

Siphon Tubes

For use when pumping from a 55 GAL (200 L) container; siphon tubes are available in PVC, carbon steel, or 316 stainless steel. 1“ siphon tubes come with foot valve for positive priming. All models include bung adapter.